Loading user therm material library into honeybee therm

Hi everyone.
I have simple question about loading THERM material of my computer.

My goal:
As I have few material added in personal therm material library, I want to load them into honeybee and use it while assigning material.

The problem:
However, every time I execute honeybee_honeybee I think it downloads a new thermMaterial.csv file.
Here’s the difference between thermMaterial file of mine and that honeybee loads.

What I’ve tried:
I exported my therm material library as .csv format and put it in the honeybee default working directory(c:ladybug). However, results are always same. It downloads new thermMaterial file from (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mostaphaRoudsari/Honeybee/master/resources/thermMaterial.csv) and load newly produced file.

Is there any method to bring my own therm material library?

Thanks for your help.

@Keani ,

Did you completely overwrite the thermMaterial.csv or did you just paste your custom CSV in the ladybug folder? You’ll need to completely overwrite the thermMaterial.csv to prevent it from re-downloading and re-loading it each time.

Hi Chris. Thanks for your reply.
How can I completely overwrite csv file by the way? I think I just copied and pasted it.

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