Translate ArchiCad Constructions to Honeybee

Hi Chris! I know this is a bit off the topic, but also an issue with materials lib
I would like to use the materials library from ArchiCad, and also composite (construction), if possible. Do you have any idea of how to approach this? or do you know of any people who might be able to help?

Hey @mLyhne ,

I hope you don’t mind that I just made a new post. I have no idea what the format of materials and construction layers are for ArchiCad but I am sure that you can write a translator for some of them using the Ladybug Tools SDK in some GHPython components after installing the new LBT Plugin. In particular, this section on honeybee-energy materials and this section on honeybee-energy constructions documents everything that you need to create Honeybee constructions that you can assign to various Honeybee geometry objects