Make Adiabatic Surfaces

When making a zone from individual faces of a closed volume the Breps go away when I Join the surfaces to create a closed volume. Thinking that, in this case, that I am not supposed to Join the surfaces into a Closed Volume and bring the Breps into the createHBzones tool as free surfaces however the createHBzones tools gives me an error stating “All of your HBSrfs must make a closed volume”.

The output of that createHBzones tool can still connect to the solveAdjacent tool however there is no output from it.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Ken


It is always helpful to share a sample file or a picture.

This example shows how you can create a zone surface by surface.


OK… this example is very helpful. I am confused about one tool that you show that makes a surface adiabatic. Where is this tool?

Please check attached (466.1 KB)

This specific component is located at tab 10 (Energy|Energy). Look for HB_makeAdiabatic

Attached is a rhino file, weather file and a grasshopper file that I am trying to make work but it keeps crashing when I run the Energyplus. Can you take a look a this and let me know where I am going wrong. I have several volumes that are made from individual surfaces since they have windows.


HVAC DESIGN.3dm (8.4 MB)

USA_CA_San.Jose.Intl.AP.724945_TMY3.epw (1.6 MB)

Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated.

Ken Martin

Your model has non-convex surfaces that energyPlus does not like. Please go through these topics. Especially, this one. Or alternatively, you can do following.

Hope this helps.

You can use Masses2Zones component and then add the windows all together using addHBGlz component. If having custom windows is the only readon you’re creating the zones surface by surface this workflow will save you a lot of time. Here is an example.

Thanks for your help. I have taken my built up volumes and converted them to solids and generated breps from that and added the windows after. I did not understand the surface direction issue… now I do, thanks.

I am having trouble calculating the load even for a very small volume. The EnergyPlus tool says there is a problem with the weather data.

Can you clarify what I have incorrect there?

USA_CA_San.Jose.Intl.AP.724945_TMY3.epw (1.6 MB) (514.9 KB)

Never mind the last message. I solved the weather data problem by using the map, acquiring the link to the

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