MicroclimateMap Error: The calculation has been terminated by the user!

Hi Ladybug team,

I am working on a large mix-used structure to calculate the outdoor microclimate map with high-resolution. And I have some questions about it.

There is no problem when I use 5x5 grids in the analysis but when I use 0.5x0.5 grids I get the “The calculation has been terminated by the user!” warning. Btw all my analysis was working very well last week, whether the grid size is 0.5 or 5.
Is this error about bug or mesh or what…?


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Have you checked this and this? There are some hints there of what could be the issue


Thank you… Yes, I looked and I created my model based on what was written here, but the problem is that I ran the analysis last week and got the correct results, I haven’t made any changes since last week and when I open it now my analysis doesn’t work with 0.5x0.5 grids.
Btw, I shared the link and waiting for suggestions.


the original document

I solved the problem by saving the project in a new Rhino file and the grashopper file in a new GH file.