Minor bug in LB Deconstruct Data

Hey guys,

I found a minor bug in the component LB Deconstruct Data. I was deconstructing a monthly data and was unable to assemble it back, even when I wasn’t changing anything. Turns out that the issue is that the “LB Deconstruct Data” component is ignoring the data type inputted. You can see that in the image below: the data a_period is “Jan to Dec”, but when I deconstruct it, the header reads “1/1 to 12/31 between 0 and 23 @1”.

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This was not a bug and it results from the fact that the LB Construct Data component is only intended to create hourly continuous data collections and isn’t currently set up to create Monthly collections like @pmcmm was trying to do here.

You’ll see that, as long as you work with hourly continuous data, everything works as expected:

If you want to create monthly collections, you can just change the class that’s being imported inside the component here:

It would have to be MonthlyCollection instead of HourlyContinuousCollection.

If this becomes a big enough pain for people, we can add an input to change the type of collection that you can create with this component but it seems like capability is currently niche enough to remain on the SDK layer of the software instead of needing its own component.

FYI, if anyone wants to make a case that the component should be able to construct Monthly and Daily collections, here is the GitHub issue where it is being discussed:

Hi @chris, thanks for showing the workaround. This will work for me at the moment, but I can see how some people might get the same problem.

I tried to search for this in the forum and completely missed this thread, sorry for that.

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