Missing Adaptive comfort chart


Start using LB1.30, the newest MAC version, It turns out that lots of visulisation components are not available.

I just tried to evaluate the adaptive comfort and could not really find the Adaptive Comfort Chart anymore.
Is that any replaced version of that?

Thanks in advance.

Are you using 1.3 from previous 1.xx versions or are you coming from legacy?

Hi @TWANG1017 ,

You should read the last section of the LBT 1.3 release notes:

At this point, the Energy and Radiance capabilities of the LBT plugin have surpassed Legacy but we are still missing some specific Ladybug visualization components in the LBT plugin. The adaptive comfort chart is one of these and, as you can see in the release notes, adding Ladybug visualization components like this is targeted for the next release. Just hang in there and it will be there soon!

I think I downloaded 1.30 legacy version straight

Sure, thanks for the explanation Chris!