Monthly radiation results ladybug

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How can I get monthly results of radiation?

I found this post Help! Ladybug Hourly Radiation Values for Specific Day/Month - #13 by AbrahamYezioro But it explain how to get a data for one hour.

Is there any solution instead of create 12 radiation analysis panels and get the totals?


I would try something like this:


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Thanks @AbrahamYezioro its working!

So, this results are in kWh/m2. In order to have the results in kWh, i have to multiply each point with its area (as explain the total radiation output). Is it correct?

In this case, I multiply each point with 0,0225m2 (the grid size is 0,15) and then I apply mass adition. Doing that, the results are different from the total radiation oiutput for this month.

Is there any way to get a exactly area of each point? The longest way is exploding mesh and getting the area of each subdividion. It is correct?

Thank you, i will share the grasshopper file when I get all the process.

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This is the way to go! Is not a long way, just a couple of components. Once exploded you need to multiply each item of the results by each face of the mesh and then make the mass addition. This should give you the same result as the total.