Naming analysis grids in Honeybee Radiance

Hello all,
Earlier in the plus version of the honeybee, we could assign names to analysis grids for convenience in post-processing results.

Is there a way to assign analysis grid names in Honeybee Radiance?

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If you check the grid output of the HB_GridRooms you can get the name.

Thanks @AbrahamYezioro . But i want to know how i can assign customized names to the analysis grid as we could do in plus version.

As i understand, they will take the name from the rooms.
If you can use the 2d grid there you can assign your names (don’t have it right now in from of me to check, but from memory i remember … hopefully.

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@AbrahamYezioro .You are correct, we need to add one more component in between them to assign a customised name as the image attached. I will run and check the script if it works correctly.Thanks for the help.

To echo what Abraham said, the grid names come from the Room names. So the best solution is just naming your Room objects “Kitchen” and “Study” instead of only naming the grids that.

But it you are sure that you want the grid name to be different from the Room name, you can use that “Set Identifier” component to overwrite the ID of any Honeybee object, whether it’s a SensorGrid, a Face, a Modifier, etc. :

FYI, I just pushed a new version of the “Set Identifier” component that will allow you to see the new name on the object (like in my screenshot). If you use the old one (version 1.2.0), you won’t see the object’s name change in a panel but the name of the .pts file and the result files will all reference the ID and not the name you see in the panel.

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Thanks @chris for the update