New Fly component, vis sets, and capture images

Kia ora @mostapha

The Fly component is truly wonderful - simple, intuitive and with an excellent video and example file. I am already finding ways in which the DesignExplorer interface is somewhat old.

I am looking to capture two views - one perspective, one a Top view of a graph - during a multiple run with the fly component.

The Vis Set option to place the legend on the window at a readable scale would greatly enhance the readability of the pictures. However, I cannot find a way of setting the vis set just to be in a particular Rhino window so I get the perspective documentation in the graph window and vice versa.

I feel like I am missing something critical - or identifying a wishlist item?

The two windows I want to capture:

Not carefully placed, but illustrative of the overlap of labels issue:

Hi @MichaelDonn ,

This case is helpful for me understanding a request that @jakechevrier made on another topic:

You will see over there I have posted some ways to hack the source code of the LB Preview VisualizationSet component so that legends only display within specific viewports.

Now that I understand the use case better, let me think about whether we should add a specific input to filter only the legends. In the meantime, those hacks on the other thread might help you.


Bingo! Yes same use case, capturing multiple windows to create a set of images for use in design explorer.

Sorry I should have put more context about the use case in my post, will note that for next time. Thanks again!

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@MichaelDonn and @jakechevrier ,

I just added a viewport_ option to the component and pushed it to the code base:

Now, you can just plug in the name of the viewport where you want the legend to display and it will display only there:

Otherwise, if you just leave it unspecified, the legend will appear in all viewports as it did originally.

Thank you for the suggestion here. I’m glad that you both brought this up as it was not obvious to me at first that this is something that multiple people would want.

@jakechevrier , Context isn’t always necessary but, particularly if I’m going to make a change to the code base, it’s helpful to have it to ensure that the change accommodates your use case.

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Brilliant. Thanks @chris

I will pass this on to 6 grad students currently exploring Fly + Design Explorer immediately…

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