Normals of Windows with the Daylight Coefficient


I saw this post and I was wondering if the normals of the windows in the DF method have to be facing outwards or not.
In my understanding does not matter with the DF, but just in case I would like your insight to be sure of it.

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Hi @Federico587. Your understanding is correct.

Window normal direction only matters for multi-phase recipes (e.g three and five phase methods) because Honeybee has to calculate view and sky matrix for each Window. For sky view calculation it needs to look outwards and for view calculation it needs to look inwards. Honeybee does the process internally assuming that the input is facing outwards.

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Hi @mostapha,

I completely misunderstood and misspelled.
What I meant was DC, daylight coefficient, not DF, daylight Factor.
So my question is if in daylight calculations with the Daylight Coefficient method with Honeybee[+] we have to make sure of the orientations of the windows or not

Sorry for the confusion.

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HI @Federico587, for Daylight Coefficients it does not matter either. The only orientation that matters is that of the skydome, however, that is taken care of my HB[+] and you need not worry about it.