Obtaining peak solar gain of isolated zone in W/m2

Hi All,

I’m having trouble obtaining a peak solar gain value for an isolated zone (measuring 4.5 x 6m), via either E+ or through Radiance/Daysim. This is to evaluate a range of facade design options and their influence on cooling loads internally.

Using E+ I can obtain the total solar gain in kWh, but no hourly breakdown to find the peak. And neither does the cumulative solar recipe for daylight analysis.

I’ve found a similar article here by @Mathiass, although I’m seeking to obtain peak solar (W/m2) on an internal floor surface, rather than an external facade.

Can anyone suggest a workflow to derive the peak solar figure to a zone in W/m2?

Hi @jwoodall,

You can use honeybee for this. After running the simulation you can use the Honeybee_Read EP result or Honeybee_Read EP surface result component to get the data you want.

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