Openstudio Component still having issues with csv file?

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Hello World!! :slight_smile:
I think i’m a bit stuck with the openstudio component and result file address.
i’ve seen the previous posts having same issues (i think)
(i post this just to see if the prob is fixed but i’m just not getting it or the prob is still happening)
forgive me if i’m the one that’s doing something wrong…
i’m really kinda new to the energy modeling and honeybee…so… :cry:

I’ve gone to the result file path as provided in the panel, but couldn’t find the file called_in.csv

i also tried to connect all the csv files(called inTable.csv and inZsz.csv)
with the file path component and linked it to the Honeybee Read EP Result, hoping to see it’d work,
but it could’t read the files uu…

i’ll attach the OSM files just in case someone would request it. (172.8 KB)

Thank you for your help in advance!

Have a nice day!! :slight_smile: