Outdoor comfort for highrise balconies using ladybug

Dear all,
I am trying to evaluate the outdoor comfort (utci) for the hottest week of the year. I have even limited it to the highest dry bulb temperature during this period.
The aim is to evaluate the utci of the balconies of a highrise building.
I have followed this tutorial

It is really helpful, but doesnt deal with multiple levels, but a ground in an urban setting. I am know wondering if I can only evaluate level by level using the slab above as context instead.
Are there any useful examples or tutorials?
Any input or help is highly appreciated!!

Hi @PA

When you download ladybug tools it comes with a set of examples. In your case you can have a look at the UWG_example from dragonfly and outdoor_comfort_comfort_under_a_tree. Also you can have a look at this discussion:

folder with examples


Dear @Erikbeeren, thanks for your response. The “outdoor_comfort_comfort_under_a_tree” unfortunately doesnt run on my pc, perhaps I am missing some components.
Are you aware of a good tutorial where a similar script is explained and set up step by step?