Parametric Daylight and Energy Simulation with HB[+]



I was looking into running a parametric analysis for daylight and energy by integrating the HB[+] for daylight and HB legacy for energy.

Time ago I gave it a try with the legacy version for both daylight and energy and after the daylight analysis you can output schedules for shadings and electric lighting that you can feed into E+.

I saw that in HB[+] there is the option for shading but I could not see any component to have the output for electric lighting usage.

How can I outcome this issue?
Is there the possibility to use a component like the one in the picture? (form HB legacy)

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Problems with Advanced Dynamic Shade Material for non-North Orientation

You can generate the lighting schedule with Honeybee[+]. Pick a sensor and connect it to dynamic blinds schedule component. It both generates the blind schedules and calculates the total illuminance for the sensor. You can use total illuminance values to generate a lighting schedule.

Daysim has built in control types but Honeybee[+] gives you the freedom of creating your own. See 3-phase sample file to see how the components are used in action.

HB+ update lightning schedule based on sensor

Thanks @mostapha! I will look into it as soon as possible. If I knew it before!

In DAYSIM I used to use for example the manual control (lightswitch model if I am correct) that uses a model that resemble the behaviour of the occupants (like sometimes they forget to turn off the light, etc…) Is this model, or other models used by DAYSIM, available to use in HB[+]?

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No, and it’s intentional. One needs to understand how the behavior algorithms like lightswitch in Daysim works before using them.

That’s what I meant by Honeybee[+] giving you the freedom to creating your own. We may re-implement similar algorithms to Honeybee[+] but it will be part of the interface and flexible to review and modify if neccassary. In my opinion implementing a behavior algorithm based on some field studies in a number of offices without giving the user the choice to modify them or visualize the decision making process is not the best approach.


Hi @mostapha,

thanks for your answer. It makes perfectly sense what you say.

As you already did for HB (here or here), would you say that it could be useful to provide a workflow where it could be seen the integration of daylight and energy with the components of HB[+]?

I know that still there is no energy components for HB[+] but for the time being
most of all it would be very interesting to see how to set up correctly the shadings to calculate sDA as per this and this discussions; how to generate a simple lighting schedules based, for example, on a minimum illuminance threshold; how to feed all this info into Eplus, and see how to manage the integration of geometries in HB[+] and in HB.

Always thanks for your support.
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Hi @Federico587, I agree with you that we need to provide more example files. Let’s see when I get a chance to put a sample together. In the worst case scenario I should be able to cover all these items in the next release.


Thanks very much @mostapha, this will help a lot.
Nonetheless I will try to work on this as soon as I will a minute and post something.

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