PeakValues supplemented with a moving average?

A small feature request.

It would be very convenient if the PeakValue component could give a rolling/moving average over at certain number of timesteps.

The value being that a single peak value, doesn’t necessarily require a design response, e.g. a window that gets that peak insolation one hour in a year. While a moving average would give a more descriptive answer.

Hey @LittleBuddha ,

I’m not sure that I follow what you are asking for here. The HB Annual Peak Values component already has an input for _hoys_ that will give you the peak during a specific range of hours across the results.

Or am I misunderstanding and your request is the same as this one (below) that was asking for an option to get the coincident peak?


The thing is that peak value for 1 hour, is not a good indicator of solar load with regard to indoor thermal climate.

If one could calculate a moving average, e.g. for 3 hours, it would be a better indicator of solar loads that can impact the climate within.

Have hacked something myself, but it isn’t very fast (to say the least).