Plot an adaptive comfort band using LB Monthly Chart

Hi everyone,

I’d like some help with creating a comfort band, ideally an adaptive comfort band similar to the second image expect it would extend to cover the entire year:

I know this is possible with the legacy BarChart component, but I’ve already built the chart using the LB Monthly Chart:

How would I go about plotting it? I would need the lowest comfortable winter temperature and the highest comfortable summer temperature if possible adapted to each month. Is there a ladybug component that works this out? Would I use the Adaptive Comfort component? If so, how? What’s the difference between the prevailing outdoor temp and desired neutral temp? Will the output be automatically shaded or will I need to construct a surface?

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This is a good question, @Alapeace , though you’re actually the first person I know of to ask for this in the LBT plugin. I realize that the following is a lot more roundabout than Legacy but the best way to do this right now in the LBT plugin is to process the neutral_temp output of the LB Adaptive Comfort component into a data collection that gives you the range of adaptive comfort, which you can then plot on the Monthly Chart. Here is a sample: (32.8 KB)

Or, if you want a sample that looks a little more like Legacy, you can do this: (46.5 KB)

If this is something that multiple people want, then maybe I can add a dedicated component for producing these data collections. But I feel pretty strongly that the Monthly Chart component should be very generic and there shouldn’t be an input for a specific data type on it like temperature.

If more people say that they need this, I’ll add a dedicated component or at least put together a sample that does everything with a single GHPython component instead of several native Grasshopper components.


It is been a while since i created this comfort band in Legacy. I’m for the addition of a dedicated or the sample, as you suggested @chris.

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@chris Thank you for the sample! I appreciate it! :slight_smile:
Since not many people have requested the adaptive comfort band, I’d say the sample is more than enough.

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