Problem error import gbXML


Hi, when i try to import gbXML , the component write me this error:

Runtime error (ApplicationException): C:\Git\OS\openstudiocore\src\utilities\time\Date.cpp@448 : Bad Date: year = 0, month = Jan(1), day = 1.

line 254, in script


Hi @domenico, see this: Import gbXML file generated from ARCHICAD

Are you also exporting the gbXML file from ARCHICAD?


Yes, was a file gbXML from Archicad.
I have opened the xml file and have deleted the part of the schedule program profile. Now work fine.
Thanks for the quick reply.


Great! But did you also generate the gbXML file from ARCHICAD? I think we should send them a note if that is the case and ask them to fix it on their end. Cheers.