Problem with creating *.xml file

Hi all,
I want to create my specific glass .xml file format for analysis.
Would you please help me with this issue?


We need a little bit more information to be able to help. Are you using Window? Do you have measured data? or do you want to user Radiance’s genBSDF to generate a BSDF file from a Radiance definition? If it is the last one see this document:

I do not have the measured data. I just have the material (glass) properties and geometry.
Could I create the XML format using Window? I have read somewhere that Window is inappropriate for creating XML file for new material with a defined characteristic.
Actually, I want to use genBSDF (5-phase) to generate the file. I followed the steps based on this tutorial but could not generate the XML file. I do not know where is my problem.
I also have another question about the geometry: The cross-section of my model has some details which are less than a millimeter. Is genBSDF accurate enough to calculate this scale of details?


I really don’t think so.

For glass layer you can use Optics together with Windows if you want to make a new material. But how to do it might be tricky. Keep in mind that this layer is still specular and doesn’t need any BSDF (xml format).
For geometry, you should use radiance genBSDF, following the tutorial carefully.

Finally, as one conventional option, you need to combine them (glass+geometry) in 1 xml file to use in multi-phase simulation. This can be done again in windows by using your geometry data as shading layer. This is actually how I did for my curvy Venetian blinds in this project:

check the workflow below: