Problems of reading existed sql files

Hello everyone,
I met a problem about reading existed sql files. After finishing OS simulation I stored the path of sql outputs and prepared to do further analysis later. But I found the component ‘HB color rooms’ failed to read all ‘_rooms_model’ when open the process again. The model created by ‘DF buildings from solid’ can be well identified while the model created by the method of ‘DF room2D’ and ‘DF stories’ cannot be identified in the next time. Is there any way to find back the completed outcomes or read the sql files manually? The appendix are the gh files and the model. @chris
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a3.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hi @Jay ,

Re-running a Grasshopper script that creates a model from geometry will re-generate the IDs of that geometry, meaning that it’s not match-able to the old model.

However, every energy simulation that you run will have a HBJSON file associated with it, which can always be matched back to the .sql file in the same folder. If you are using URBANopt to simulate the Dragonfly Model, these HBJSONs are output from the “DF Model to geoJSON” component. When just using the “HB Model to OSM” component to run the simulation directly with OpenStudio, these HBJSONs are output from that component. As I said, you can also find them in the folder above each .sql file.

To load the HBJSON from the file to a Honeybee model that can be matched back to the sql results, you can just use the HB Load Objects component. Loading the model this way ensures that you can always match the results back to the geometry.

Thank you very much chris, now I find back my data :grin: