Processing HDR images / falsecolor2 palettes & the new image viewer

Hi guys,

First I’d like to thank Mostapha, Chris, Mingbo and everyone who made LB+HB in general, and the last release in particular, available to us all.

I have a specific question related to HDR images, output from Radiance (or not necessarily in my case, but processed using Radiance/pcomb).

Has anyone tried to apply bespoke or unusual gradient palettes to their false-colour images ?

It would be so great to be able to process images like grids, using a preset library much like this:…

I used to use the 5 available palettes described in A. Jacob’s Radiance Cookbook (+ bespoke ones) on the command line with the old , but I don’t think these are available now with falsecolor2.exe… am I right?

I am aware of the alternative old palette -spec but in the current HB false-colour component, but is that it ?

Another question for Mingbo - I get the following error message when trying to open the attached HDR file with your amazing new viewer: 1. Solution exception:Parameter is not valid.

Am I doing anything wrong ? I can see many useful applications to your pixel-value reader, especially if externally rendered HDR images can be loaded (which is the case here). Do they need a specific header to be “valid” ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.



test.hdr (429 KB)

Hi Jocelyn,

I can only answer your HDR error question:

I just tested your hdr file, it works fine on my side. I am not sure what caused that error.

I will test this file on my another computer tomorrow, and will let you know if I find the same error.


Hi Mingbo,

Thanks for your reply.

That’s odd, I have tested on another computer too and get the same error.

Could it have to do with local save/admin rights etc?




Just to comment that i can see the image too.


Hi Jocelyn,

You are right, it is because of your account issue, but I have fixed this problem.

I will do more tests, and will let you know if that is ready.



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Hi,i rencently use image viewer on my computerwith win7.Because falescolor 2.0 can’t work in my macbook with win10.I found that image viewer is not satble. I have tried many times,but it just can’t show anything until I use HDR2TIF. And now it can work well even without HDR2TIF. So i just want to notice you that there may still be some mistake in it.

I have the same problem. What is the solution?

@lunzivw @1018340220
Do you have any space or special characters (non-letter and number) in your computer login account?

Yes,my computer login account have “/” and “.”,its my company computer,so is it another way to fix this error?

ImageViewer will save all temporary files to %temp%\Ladybug folder (C:\Users\YOURACCOUNT\AppData\Local\Temp\Ladybug), which is under your user account. But Radiance doesn’t like any special characters. I think this might be the reason. For now, the easiest way for you is using HDR2TIF to convert HDR file first.