Psychrometric Chart Crashes when Connects windSpeed

Hi Mostapha,

My GH crashes every time I tried to connect the weed speed data to Psychrometric Chart component. I know I don’t have to plug it but just the existence of that node with a 100% crash feature doesn’t feel good.

My GH is 0076 and Rhino 5 SR12. Using Ladybug 0.0.61.


BTW, did you graduate from UPENN? I think we took same seminar in 2010.

Hi Furion,

Thank you for reporting this. I opened an issue so Chris can take a look soon. He has developed the Psychrometric chart and knows the details about this.

I’m a Penn grad so it is very possible that we took the same class.




Thank you for your post. Can you upload an example file that demonstrates the crashing so that I can try to re-create the problem on my system? Once I can do that, I can figure out how to fix it. I have come to realize that the crashing of the psych chart in SR5 was due to the “while” loop in the PMV function and I have a sense that this error that you are reporting is related.



It also just occurred to me that by “crashing” you might mean that Grasshopper freezes and that by “connecting up wind speed” you mean connecting wind speed from the weather file. If this is the case, the component is not crashing but is just calculating 8760 comfort polygons for the 8760 wind speeds in the stream of data. This can take over an hour to calculate and so it is recommended that you use something like average monthly wind speeds if you want to use this feature of the psych chart (or just plug in 1 or 2 wind speeds). Let me know if this interpretation is correct and, otherwise, upload a file that demonstrates the crashing you are talking about.

I attached a file showing you how to use average monthly wind speeds if this is indeed the issue:


AverageMonthly Wind (400 KB)


Thanks for the explain and I think that’s why.

It didn’t crash instantly but froze for a long time that I figured it might crash.

Didn’t try it again but I believe average monthly instead of hourly will definitely help.


Hey All,

I am facing the same problem. Rhino crashes the moment I set boolean to True. Can somebody help please?

Thank you! (499 KB)

Hi Devang,

Your file works well for me. See image.

Can be related to your Rhino version (SR)?


Thank you for instantly checking it Abraham. My Rhino version is 5 SR5 (5.5 30717.16015.07/17/2013).

I already replied to this and now i don’t see my response.

Anyway, i believe you need to update your Rhino … :frowning:

The recommended SR is 10 and above.



Thank you Mostapha!

Thank you Abraham,
Updating the Rhino did indeed solve the problem.

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