PV panel material import in HB rad library

Dear all,

I am trying to import this material into HB Radiance. I am having a hard time figuring out what is the correct way to do it, or if it is possible.
Could anybody please give me a hint about how to proceed?

The material is composed by two submaterials/properties:

1st definition

void texfunc pucker
6 puck_dx puck_dy puck_dz pucker.cal -s 4.0
1 0.0035

2nd definition

pucker ashik2 sunpower_pvcells
4 0 1 1 .
8 0.006995137 0.008994048 0.021037648 0.029284513 0.029518141 0.030717789 100 100



Just defined a file and copied/pasted your definitions in there. The extension of the file is “.rad”.
PV_Mat_Modifiers.rad (210 Bytes)

Put it in C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\ladybug_tools\standards\modifiers folder.

If Rhino s open you need to close it and open again in order to take effect.


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