Radiance definition

In HB Legacy, we easily added optional texts (Radiance) to the library. But I feel it is not possible in LBT. But maybe I am wrong.
I have also connected the optional text directly from a panel to the input of the modifier, which also encountered an error. What is the solution?

Hi @Aliarch ,

From your screenshot, I am not entirely sure what you are trying to do. That’s not the path the the user standards library and I don’t know if you’re just trying to write that radiance string to your library or if you are looking for a general solution for how to load Modifier objects from Radiance strings.

But, if you just want to add a Radiance modifier into your user standards library, then you can copy that text in the panel into a text file. Then you can save that text file with a .rad or .mat extension in the following location:


Then, the modifier object will be loaded to your library the next time that you start Grasshopper and you can assign the modifier to Honeybee objects using the name of it.