Radiance error on Rhino 7 HB1.8.1


I am getting the error below. I have installed Radiance version 5.4a(2021-3-28) and I am still getting the error. At one point I had LB and HB for Rhino 6 but have never installed Radiance before so I am not sure if this is actually a versioning error. Please help. See attached image.

Thank you

Following up I have done the following to troubleshoot:

  1. Uninstalled Radiance
  2. Uninstalled Open Studio
  3. Uninstall older version Rhino 6
  4. Uninstalled Ladybug and Honeybee. Deleted all Ladybug component folders and other ladybug general folders
  5. Installed Ladybug 1.8.0
  6. Installed Radiance 5.4a (the one mentioned in @chris compatibility matrix
  7. Installed Open Studio (the one mentioned in the compatibility matrix)
  8. Opened ladybug and checked the versioning and configuration. No OpenStudio is showing to be installed and an older Radiance version appears to have been installed. See image below

I’m at the limits of my ability to troubleshoot this problem and have gone through similar threads here.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Did you try using the pollination cloud installer that installs ladybug with all its dependencies.

It should work out of the box.

That is exactly what fixed it. I think the issue was coming from Open Studio as it tries to install its own version of Radiance that would override the one that was separately installed.

To other people facing a similar installation issue: don’t even bother with the installation steps outlined in the grasshopper installer. Use the pollination stand alone installer instead