Radiance (missing) and Openstudio (version mismatch) issues after installing Ladybug 1.0.9 alongside legacy versions

upon installing Ladybug Tools v1.0.9 for some odd reason Radiance cannot be found.

I am encountering issues when trying to run energyplus/openstudio scripts that were written (and worked) using the legacy HB plugin (0.0.65).
The exportToOpenStudio component returns an error message which appears to derive from the update to version 3 “1. Solution exception:The type initializer for ‘OpenStudio.OpenStudioModelCorePINVOKE’ threw an exception.”.
The runEnergySimulation component (i.e. running an energyplus simulation without going via openstudio) also causes severe errors with shadow calculations, which again I believe are due to a version mistmatch.

Hi @andrea.botti ,

Where did you install radiance? If it’s not in the root of the machine (C:\) or in the ladybug_tools folder, then the LBT plugin will not find it.

If you want to run both your legacy honeybee and LBT honeybee using the same version of OpenStudio, see here:

You can also just install an old OpenStudio in the default location, which legacy will use, and install the newer OpenStudio in your ladybug_tools folder.