Read EP Surface result - Failed to parse the results

Hi all,

I’ve been randomly running into this error in the last weeks, and I completely fail to understand where is it coming from. I wrote the .osm and .idf files with HB export to Openstudio component, on a separate definition, requesting the Surface outputs. I then modified a few things in the .idf with EnergyPlus before running the .idf with EnergyPlus 8.9 itself.

The result file seems to have all the Surface outputs, and it´s next to the .eio file, so I can´t really understand what´s going on. Any ideas?


The results folder is here: (465.1 KB)

I checked the files. This happens at my end as well. @RafaelA, did you take a look at following discussions already?
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Thanks for checking the file @devang. I did run a check through the forum and those couple of topics, but they relate to problems running the simulation or really old bugs already corrected by @chris.

I tried parsing the results inside the .gh definition used to export the thermal model, in case something was being stored in the RAM and used later by READ EP Surface result, but still the same error. Surprisingly enough, the right headers are generated in any case.

To be honest, I ran out of ideas on where or what to check. :sweat_smile:

As always, @chris was already ahead! I´ve just updated the Read EP Surface Results component from Github and the issue is solved.

For some reason, the lastest modification fixed the bug:

Took Out Other Surface Data

Now that we have a component that reads custom results, we don’t have a need for this output anymore and it is just a liability since it can easily cause the component to fail.