Rhino crashing when dropping honeybee components on the canvas

ciao @chris the manual workaround is not getting me there. I try to open the sample full_building_energy_model and rhino keeps crashing.

Other definitions with LB only i.e. total glare over one year seem to work. I´m confused :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey @archMondello ,

Can you post what version of Rhino you are using, including both the major version number (eg. Rhino 6, Rhino 7) and the Service Release number (eg. SR 33).

Also, can you clarify what version of the plugins you are using (either the Legacy plugin or the LBT plugin 1.1.0)?

It’s possible that you have an old Rhino before McNeel released a certain fix/patch and upgrading your Rhino might fix it.

Ciao @chris - thanks for your reply.

I´ running Version 6 SR33 (6.33.20343.16431, 08/12/2020) with Ladybug 1.1.0 installed. LB works, HB doesn´t and every time I drop an HB component into the canvas rhino suddenly crashes.

Following the thread Honeybee Components Crash Rhino Immediately (Python uuid dependency seems suspect) :

  • I confirm import UUID make Rhino crash if I create a separate gh component.
  • IronPython
  • having the same error of the machine wher uuid cannot run


but then with eirannejad second script is all fine


I could not figure out what to do with the C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\IronPython\Microsoft.Dynamic.dll


  • I do not have ironbug and If I search Microsoft.Dynamic what is strage it does find nothing, not even the one above…
  • I placed a ticket from IT for the antivirus but my company does not have sentinel.

What shall I do?