Runtime Error (Win32Exception)

Hi Ladybug Community. I am a new user of ladybug and honeybee. I am trying to install ladybug and honeybee based on the installation instructions provided here

Ladybug works great and is flying however I am getting an error when using honeybee saying

Runtime error (Win32Exception): WindowsError

Line 9548, in script

(cannot upload images as a new user)

I have openstudio installed in C:\openstudio-3.0.1
I have Radiance installed in C:\Radiance
and DAYSIM installed in C:\DAYSIM

Any help with the error is really appreciated

Thank you,
Soham Vanage

Please install openstudio 2.5. Please also share from which component the error is coming from. Please also share a snapshot of error if possible.

Thank you for your response. I switched to openstudio 2.5 but I am still getting the same error

Was able to work through the error mentioned above by adding calcSoilSurfTemp files to PreProcess folder under openstudio 2.5 /EnergyPlus manually.

However, I am getting a new error now

Please check this. Seems similar to your issue

Please also go through these guidelines.

Thank you for the response Devang. Honeybee is flying for me when I installed it on a machine with full access to the C:\ Drive.

Good to know it’s working Soham.

In the past I just used my laptop to run this and it worked. However I went back and tried to install it on a machine I don’t have full access to the C drive. However, running Rhino as administrator worked for me even on a machine without full access.

Hi everyone,

I am trying to run Honeybee and get the same error but in a different line. Can anyone help, please?