Set Rad Material to internal and external walls

Hello, everyone! I am trying to do a daylight simulation in honeybee to compare the results with an IES Simulation I have done, and since both use radiance as simulation enginee, I imagine the results should be very close.

But I have an issue. In the IES simulation I set different materials for external and interior walls (white external walls and grey internall walls). And I can’t find a way to do the same in the honeybee simulation. The component “SET RAD MATERIALS” only gives me the option to set “wallRADmaterial”, but I can’t choose internal and external.

Am I missing some component that does that or it is not possible to do?

@iris_loche It is a simple question.
Methon 1:
You can use two material for internal or external wall using createHBSrf compotent.

Method 2:
You can decompose the HB zone and seprate the internal or external.

Thanks for the reply!

I have another question, My exterior wall have different colors. in the façade it is brown, and its interior surface is white. How would I do that? This surface in the inside would be also considered as internal wall?

I have the same question. I use the component below, because I do not want to assign rad materials in every HB surface. However, how can I separate the external from the internal walls? If I connect the interior walls’ rad materials to the wallRADMaterial then I ignore the rad materials for the external facade.
Can anyone help ? Thanks!