Severe ** CheckControllerListOrder: A water coil controller list has the wrong order

Dear all,

Could you please take a look at the attached image and explain the severe error? How should I avoid it?

There are also a number of warnings. Please see the txt file (readme_exportToOpenStudio) :
readme_exportToOpenStudio.txt (12.7 KB)

more details of settings:

@AryanShahabian ,
I think you have found a bug and I am pretty positive that this issue is happening because the fanPlacement is set to True. So a quick way to fix it is to just set it to False.
Nevertheless, if you can upload a file that recreated the issue, I will see if there is a way to fix it (or at least add a warning for this case).

Thank you @chris for your reply.
The error and the warnings are similar to the file I posted before at: Processing Energy Plus outputs. COP and?
A copy of it is also attached here:
Question_AryanShahabian_01.rar (975.9 KB)

(I tried changing the fan placement from true to false but it didn’t remove the error)

Dear @chris , this is just a reminder to follow up if you have probably managed to solve the problem. I appreciate any help you can provide.

@AryanShahabian ,

Sorry for the late response here but the last two weeks have been very busy. I’ll try to have a look when I get the chance. I’m teaching a ladybug workshop this week so it will likely be soon after that.

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@AryanShahabian ,

I have tried to answer your question twice but each time, it’s taking so long to run the file that I haven’t gotten around to investigating the solution. If you could post a minimum file that is needed to recreate the issue as the forum guidelines suggest, I might be able to get to a solution more quickly.

It also seems that I am not able to recreate the error on my machine. Your file ran fine using OpenStudio 2.4:


Thank you @chris for taking the time to check the file and write the answer.

I installed OpenStudio 2.4 and it tackled the previous severe error. However, I receive 3 new severe errors. readme_OS01.txt (16.6 KB)
For instance:
131. ** Severe ** CheckWarmupConvergence: Loads Initialization, Zone=“ZONE_5” did not converge after 25 warmup days.
133. ** ~~~ ** See Warmup Convergence Information in .eio file for details.
135. ** ~~~ ** …Environment(RunPeriod)=“RUN PERIOD 1”
137. ** ~~~ ** …Max Temp Comparison = 1.64E-003 vs Temperature Convergence Tolerance=0.40 - Pass Convergence
139. ** ~~~ ** …Min Temp Comparison = 1.63E-003 vs Temperature Convergence Tolerance=0.40 - Pass Convergence
141. ** ~~~ ** …Max Heat Load Comparison = 0.2519 vs Loads Convergence Tolerance=4.00E-002 - Fail Convergence
143. ** ~~~ ** …Max Cool Load Comparison = 3.8634E-004 vs Loads Convergence Tolerance=4.00E-002 - Pass Convergence

I searched for a solution in I also read this, this, this, and this but I’m still not sure what to do. (or just to neglect the errors if they are not really crucial ?)

Should I add “additional string” to the exportToOpenStudio component to alter tolerances before running it? If yes, could you please let me know what should I add exactly?

Regarding posting minimum file:
Actually I had tried to simplify the file as the original file is much larger. I am/was not sure which parts to delete. Maybe for the previous question I could have deleted the constructions but now I guess (please correct me if I’m wrong) the new errors are related to constructions as well; there are pretty thick interior concrete walls in the models, and they should be accurately analysed (due to the aims of the academic research I’m working on; I should model structural walls precisely).

Again, thank you for your time and consideration.


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@AryanShahabian ,

I have the same issue when I use Honeybee_Set EP Air Flow.
I was reading the same article from when I came across your post.
Only way I found to bypass the issue is to set the value of “maxIndoorTempForNatVent” input on Honeybee_Set EP Air Flow component to 20C or lower. But, that’s not really a setting that I want to apply.

So I’m wondering if you found a solution or found a way to add the additional string to the exportToOpenStudio component?


Dear @yoshikawa,
Sorry for my late reply. I’ve just seen your message. For this particular issue, I couldn’t find a solution. Maybe the main developers (Chris, Mostapha, …) know the answer.