Shading control problem for skylights

Hello everybody,

I am trying to simulate a zone in which I have 2 skylights, one of them with blinds.
The simulation runs smoothly but the blinds do not come. Checking the idf my skylight is triangulated as I found a discussion in here
Honeybee Triangulation of Window Surface?

I know that if you use the read results this problems get corrected. However, the blind control is not assigned, hence the blinds do not come. Is there anyway to avoid this triangulation?

In the IDF I applied the exact same blinds to a skylight and to a window on a wall. The triangulated surface doesn’t get a shading control type and the one on the wall doesn’t.

I don’t know if the problem is in the number of vertex or in the way the shading component applies the shading control to the type of window object (thinking, a skylight may be a different type of childsurface by some reason?)

Please please please, do not ask me for the GH file, I believe it is the most messy file I have ever created, it will take me ages to clean it.


@chris? @mostapha ? any idea?