Simulation of daylight

I’ve built movable blinds through GH and applied to a window. When I run the simulation to se the difference between closed and opening blinds, the results are exactly the same. Can anybody give me a hand to figure out where the problem is?

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hi @rsalelwani ,

Please share your definition and perhaps screenshots of the results.

Thanks Olivier for replying,

I would share my file with you to take a look at if you could!

Appreciate your reply!!!

I probably resolved the problem!! The issue now is the Lux, where is close to the window, is higher than that against the window!

this image is closed the blinds

this image is 50% opining

this image is opened blinds

Any suggestion would help!!


good that you sorted your issue.

the results look physical to me.

there quite a high window sill in your geometry, It can be expected to have some shade right next to it, perhaps if you reduce the grid size you would benefit from a more precision.

if you have doubts, you can always check the bounce_from_surface component,0


Isn’t this what you would expect?

Yes it is! I would expect like what you have done!

See your work here Mostapha:

Illuminance gets higher when it is closer to the window, doesn’t it?


your test surface is a floor level.

double check the move test surface and input at table height 0.8 m.

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See what I got!!!

Because of lower illuminance close to the window, the window sill is a little bit high which is creating a shadows, isn’t it?

Thanks Olivier,

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