Solar access, Run the simulation

There was one file put in the workshop sample files map I specifically like to know more: sample file

Run the simulation

What means the data component for the input of “_HBObjects”?
Does “_write” means that the results will be stored in the results folder?

It’s just a cleaner way of passing data in Grasshopper. You can connect them directly to _HBObjects input.

Setting write to True prepares the folder and writes all the input files and commands to the folder. Setting run to True runs the batch file. The reason they are separate is in some cases one wants to only write the files to folder without running them.

I opened the file on another PC (windows 10) in Rhino 5 and grasshopper, but I got a run time error: 1. Solution exception:invalid literal for float(): NCOMP=1 when I try to run the simulation.

I reinstalled honeybee+ and ladybug+ from the zip-file Honeybee[+] 0.0.04 (release date 18.02.2018). I use GHpython How could I solve this problem, anyone suggestions? Thanks a lot. (410.3 KB)

A quick search for the error message should give you the answer:

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Thanks! I uninstalled Radiance 5.2.2. and installed Radiance 5.0 right now. It works! :slight_smile: