Solar potential for buildings

Hello, I an trying to write a program that generates building solar potential using ladybug tools. However I do not fully understand the documentation part. Can someone help me with creating the program?

Hey @arjundesai, can you provide some more detail?

I am trying to do a solar potential study for multiple buildings. Instead of using the visual programming in grasshopper, I need to do the same study at run time by writing a python script. I have seen tutorials of visual programming but when I am referring to the documentation of ladybug tools, I don’t find all the relevant functions there like function for creating grid, Cumulative Sky Matrix, Ladybug_Radiation Analysis, etc. Also there is not documentation available for ladybug_radiance.

Hi @arjundesai, I think I’m with you - I guess you’ve seen this?

And the code for it here:

The and input/output files look like they’d be useful to you:

It looks like the ladybug_radiance code can be found here:

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Yes, I saw the ladybug_radiance code. However, the API documentation is missing which would be very helpful

Hey @chris, are you planning to host the ladybug_radiance documentation similarly to the other modules?

For now @arjundesai it looks like Chris has included most of the documentation in the code, just not hosted it in a pretty front end. You might be able to set up the sphinx documentation front end locally starting from here - not something I’m familiar with

Hi @charlie.brooker ,

Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention and I’m sorry t fell through the cracks a couple of months ago. You’re right that I did all of this work to have the documentation generated for ladybug-radiance and then I forgot to deploy it to a public domain. The docs are deployed now and you can find them here:

I have also made sure that ladybug-radiance has been added to our page with all of the SDK docs: