Solar shading simulation - using Ghop + Ladybug tools

I want to ask users, if Honeybee is the correct tool to do this kind of simulation –

  1. I have in outdoors - elevated structure with Solar Panels on top of them. This forms some kind of a discontinuous canopy to allow light to penetrate from the gaps and fall on the ground.

  2. The ground is supposed to be used for growing plants.

The objective therefore of the simulation is - to get hour by hour and daily radiation maps of the ground for any particular day, or week or month in terms of irradiance - (kWatts/m2).

  1. I should be able to do further mathematical processing of this irradiance - like full day integration to convert it into Energy available at any spot on ground in the day.

Do the users feel this can be done in Ladybug tools?
Will it be an easy simulation or an advanced one , considering the capabilities of this set of tools.

I am fairly conversant with Grasshopper, but not with Ladybug.

@Nimish For Q1, you can use Ladybug_Radiation_ Analysis compotent. You can refer to this issue

And here is my demo file
Here is the link:Modeling Tree In Radiation Analysis Using Two Methods