"Solution Exception: Invalid result folder" on AnnualDaylight

I’m trying to set up basic daylight analysis in grasshopper with Rhino 6.0. using the latest version of both Honeybee and Radiance. I’ve mostly copied the structure of the sample file included with the latest HB release, but modified it to match the output of one of my grasshopper works in progress, the data for which I’ve imported and sent as input via internalized GH nodes.

Anyways, once everything is set up, the analysis runs for about 3-4 minutes (is this normal? I know it is raytracing but that does seem long) and then gives the following error:

“1. Solution exception:Invalid result folder: [PROJECT PATH HERE]\annual_daylight\metrics/da”

What exactly does this error mean? Is my output folder not set up properly? I looked in the specified folder and there doesn’t seem to be a “metrics” folder there, but even after manually creating one, it still gave the same error. And why the backslash at the end? I’m very confused and any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Tried to upload my .gh file as an attachment, but I just joined the forum so it won’t let me do that yet.

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I face the same problem with the daylight factor analysis of the new LBT1.2.0… (This has worked well before with the version LBT1.0.0)


I am facing the same issue when I ran the simulation for Annual daylight. I would like to ask you that did you solve the problem?

Hi folks

I can replicate and identify the apparent cause but not solve the problem: I too get this error when I try to connect a string with all the Radiance Parameters to the HB-Radiance AnnualDaylight widget.

When I connect a single parameter to this input, I get the solution with no error.

The following shows the way I have tried entering the data - trialling using two separate standard strings and concatenating them with the adjustable -ab 20.

I have also copied and pasted the strings into one simple panel. To no avail.

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I’ve since decided to go with an alternate solution for my own project, but I decided to try revisiting this since the topic keeps getting responses, and I think I’ve found out how to get it to work.

In my original solution, I was trying to find the daylight year round for particular hours of the day, to analyze and compare the amount of natural light different spaces receive in the morning, midday, afternoon, and evening, so I was using weather data generated by the “Wea from EPW” component, using an EPW and a set of HOY value as input. For whatever reason, I only get this error when using the HOY component to generate Wea data.

If I don’t provide ANY input to the “hoys_” value for the Wea component, it works just fine. I have no idea why, or how to make it work when analyzing only particular times of day.

So, two different ways of replicating the Invalid result folder issue.

Interesting - sufficient clue to looking at the code itself?

Same here with comfort maps: 1. Solution exception:Invalid result folder: [project_path]\pmv_comfort_map\metrics/TCP

I am helping a student who is getting the same error. With v1.2.0, he is getting the “Invalid result folder: C:\Users[username}\simulation\unnamed\Radiance\annual_daylight\metrics/da” error.

With v1.1, he gets a null value from the results output of the HB Run Recipe component. The component appears to have run correctly (colored grey and the terminal window appears to have run the daylight simulation).
With v1.2, he tried disconnecting the radiance parameters text box per the advice on this thread and still encounters the same error. Radiance is v5.3 for both LB versions.

Script with v1.2 daylight components attached. Sensitivity Analysis study.gh (192.3 KB)

@chris, @mostapha

FYI I also was trying to debug the script Kit mentioned and didn’t get very far, partially at least because I couldn’t reproduce the problem on my own computer (although I’m also just not very familiar with the HB-Radiance).

There was also a curious error message (when setting the report_out_ parameter to True) that suggested there is a version conflict with Luigi which I would have expected the Versioner component to have handled. This is despite the fact that the student did run the ‘Versioner’ component and restart Rhino multiple times to ensure LB fully updated everything. I’ll update this post with the full error message soon.

I just wanted to say that, even though all of these issues here give the same error message, in all likelihood, they are each different from one another. The error message being reported is just the generic failure message for a luigi recipe that didn’t finish successfully. If you want to find the real error, you need to set report_out_ to True on the Run Settings and then you’ll have to wade through the luigi logs that get output from the component report.

To put forward a guess as to why some of these cases are failing, it sounds like some cases just have incorrectly formatted radiance parameters. In other cases like Kit’s, it sounds a little like the installed version of the core libraries might not match the version of components. After using the “LB Sync Grasshopper File” on Kit’s file, I don’t have any issues getting results.

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Hi @chris , I tried the “LB Sync Grasshopper File” method but it didn’t work for me.

unnamed.gh (42.5 KB)

I’m having trouble understanding the Luigi log report, but the summary does appear to indicate that the error is coming from writing the directory?
luigi.txt (16.3 KB)

Here is the directory

Thanks for uploading the file, @MaxMarschall . It’s very clear what your error is now. Here’s the problem:

You plugged a whole model into an input that is only supposed to take Rooms. I probably should have had the component throw an error for this case. In any event, it all runs fine when you use the component as it was intended:

I will add the capability in now for the _rooms input to take a Model but, for future reference, if an input description doesn’t say that you can input a model, then you’re not supposed to input a Model.


Thanks @chris! And thanks for adding that feature

I added the ability to take a Model as input for the component:

And you’ll see that the component input description has changed to say that a Model is acceptable. So that’s the type of input description that you’ll see for a case where both Rooms or a Model are acceptable.

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WOW…that’s quite an impressive responsive time, thanks!

I’m experiencing the same top level error ; although the logs reveal another symptom/cause?
PermissionError: [WinError 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process: ‘C:\Users\swalt\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpn4k3pyhr’

Runtime error (ValueErrorException): Invalid result folder: C:\Users\swalt\simulation\DaylightTest\annual_daylight\metrics/da

Hi all,
Just solved the problem for my case → be careful to not give an absolute folder path to the “folder” input of the HB Recipe Settings (just as in the honeybee legacy), but simply a folder name (without space or slash), which will be saved in the same folder than the grasshopper file.

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Thanks @chris - I had a similar issue - appreciate your solution on this.

I get the same error when using the annual daylight sample file. I specificaly get it only when I use BSDF modifier to define the glass. This error happens only with the Annual daylight component. The direct sun hours component appeared to work, but no matter what xml file I used it gave the same results.

BSDF modifiers were not supported in the LBT 1.2 stable release but they are currently available in the development version of the plugin (which you can get using the “LB Versioner” component) and they will be available in the soon-to-come LBT 1.3 release.