Solution exception:No file was found at C:\...\openstudio\out.osw

A student of mine is getting this error when running an energy simulation:

Solution exception:No file was found at C:\Users\mimaa\simulation\Model_1_ImportRhino\openstudio\out.osw

When running the command window shell opens and shows like it is running, but it closes too fast that can’t see what is written there.
Surely there is a permission to write BUT she tried also running Rhino as administrator, unfortunately, with the same results.
The installation was done with the GH pollination single-click installer.

Some ideas what can be the cause?


Hey @AbrahamYezioro ,

Does the folder of the file listed in the error message actually exist? If so, what is in that folder right now?

It looks like there’s something wrong with the OpenStudio installation such that OpenStudio CLi cannot be launched.

Hi @chris and thanks,
The student should answer your questions above, but just want to say that the installation was done with the one-click installer and it finished fine, so i assume everything was installed as expected.


Hello Chris, Thank you for your help.

The folder openstudio exist at the location of C:\Users\mimaa\simulation\Model_1_ImportRhino\openstudio

attached photo with the content of the library


Hi @chris
attached also the configurations and folders off all plugins

Hi @chris,
Another update: We uninstalled the whole pollination and installed again. Same (bad) result.
The report output of the OS component says the following:

Runtime error (AssertionException): No file was found at C:\Users\mimaa\Documents\TEST\Model_1_ImportRhino\openstudio\out.osw

line 26, in init, “C:\Program Files\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\honeybee_energy\result\”
line 229, in script

Running the AnnualLoads component does succeed, giving the simulation results. Our suspicion is that something is happening with the permissions of the OS to run on the computer.
We disabled the antivirus and firewall, but still the full simulation fails.
Worth to mention that the location for both simulations is the same (default), so one goes through and the other doesn’t.
Just to remind from the previous message, we tried also to run Rhino as administrator. No use … :frowning: :sob:

If you have any thoughts/ideas/suggestions … don’t be shy. For now the fast simulations are ok but at some point in the class we are going to use the more detailed results.


Hey @anatst ,

Thanks for the update and sorry for the radio silence. I know a way that you can see the real error if you open a command prompt and paste the following:


If you can send me a screenshot of what you see when you do that, we should be able to nail down the issue.

Also, just to make sure: you’re not running this on Bootcamp with a relatively new Mac, right?

If so, that would explain it. Apple made the decision to use a completely different chip architecture from everyone else in their latest line of laptops, forcing most software to make changes (if you can’t tell by my subtext, I’m trying not to be annoyed by it). If this is actually the issue, then the problem is there has not been a stable release of OpenStudio that works with these new Macs. NREL is slated to make a new release in the next couple of weeks and we’ll update to that once it is available.

Hi @chris,
On this one i can tell that @anat 's computer is a “regular” laptop running windows.

She will send soon the screenshot.

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