Solution exception:The type initializer for 'OpenStudio.OpenStudioModelCorePINVOKE' threw an exception

Hi, I’m facing an error in Honeybee, and it mentions something about “Solution exception - OpenStudioModelCorePINVOKE”.’ I’ve tried installing different versions of OpenStudio, but it hasn’t resolved the issue. Can anyone offer advice on how to fix this? Thanks in advance. (687.3 KB)

I have installed the correct version of EnergyPlus and OpenStudio, and I’ve copied two DLL files from the ‘lib’ folder to the ‘csharp’ folder, as described in this link: How to get Honeybee Legacy working with OpenStudio 3.0

I’d appreciate assistance in resolving this issue quickly.

Finally, after two days, I’ve solved that problem, but I still have an issue with that component. I’m facing another problem related to EnergyPlus. When I try to open the IDF file from this component (idffileaddress), I get an error in EP-Launch, and the IDF file appears to be empty.