Solution stops at time one (1 iteration)

Hello guys!
I ran into the same problem as described in this thread, but I was still able to find the answer
The problem is: solution stops at time one (iteration)
I put snap off and Tried to change refine levels

I have learned a lot from these series of videos thanks a lot @TheodorosGalanos

Here is mesh view:

Rhino 7
Grasshopper 1.0.0007
Butterfly 0.0.05
VM 5.4.1

Here is log files:
Processing: blockMesh.log…
decomposePar.log (6.0 KB)
surfaceFeatureExtract.log (2.6 KB)

Here is GH file (file is large that’s why using dropmefiles):

Guys, sorry for wasting your time with same problem! Thanks in advance

hello sir @thecogarts @TheodorosGalanos
i am trying the script. but at the end where the file has to made using GHPYTHON … the solution is negative…
if u could help

i hope u got the solution for your issue