Solution stops at time one

Hey guys,

I’m just starting with BF. Been playing with the outdoor airflow 2d example file, which comes with the install files and having trouble with the output of the solver. I am not changing any of the settings but the solution stops at time 1, while the endTime is set to 5000. I followed the steps as shown in Mostapha’s video and every step prior to the solver seem to be working ok.

Is there anything I’m missing?

VM 5.2.8 r121009
OF v1706
Rhino 5
GH v0.9.0076
BF v0.0.04 (solver component NOV_22_2017) (434.8 KB)

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Hello @HossZamani

It might be that the file is outdate by now, apologies. I will make sure in the next few weeks to upload a fresh batch of BF files but until then perhaps you can try (i) updating BF to the latest version using the toggle on the Butterfly_butterfly component, and (ii) updating the components within the Gh itself.

Let me know if that works. Also, if possible please share you log here (simpleFoamlog should be in the /log folder of your case, created by BF).

Kind regards,

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I updated BF to the latest using these instructions:

And replaced all components up to the solver. Now it stops at time 3.
One thing to mention is that when opening the example gh file in the first place I get this error message :

Which is because of using Rhino 5? When I close the message the definition loads fine though. So I assume this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the solver stopping?

Here are the log & err files:

simpleFoam.err (1.1 KB)
simpleFoam.log (4.0 KB)

Hi @HossZamani

Your solution is divergin, notice the incredibly large values for k and epsilon. This is due to problems with the mesh probably, try refining a bit more perhaps or maybe try and putting snap to False and try a simpler 2D mesh.

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Thanks @TheodorosGalanos,

I realised how big of a problem this is by googling about causes to solution diverging. Was very confused at the beginning but now things are starting to fall into place.

If anyone is interested, I tried the following and got the solution working:

1 - In the “Create BF Geometry” component increased the refine levels from (5,5) to (6,6)

2- Enlarged the refinement region to fully enclose wind tunnel points + allowing more space around them.

3- Checked the probe points, to make sure non of them are inside or too close to my snappyHexMesh (not the building geometry!). Enlarging the refinement region in step one helped a lot with this.

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