[Solved]Possibility of simulation PCM in honeybee

Hi Mostapha and Chris,

I want to analyze and set Phase change material (PCM) into energyplus honeybee.

My question is:

Is it possible create PCM and prepare simulation parameters in grasshopper honebee?

and also, what is the best way for that?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Mohammad,

There is no reason not to be able to do that in Honeybee. Honeybee accepts EnergyPlus materials and constructions as string (text) so as far as you have the right definition it should work. Also read my reply here: http://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/ladybug/forum/topics/pcm-materia…


To do this, you will have to use the additionaStrings input of the simulation component. You want to add a MaterialProperty:PhaseChange object to the EnergyPlus file using these additionaStrings similar to what is done in this example that adds an evaporative cooling tower through additionalSrtrings:


Your MaterialProperty:PhaseChange object will have to reference the name of a material that you have assigned to a HBObject using the Honeybee components. Here is some more information on how the text of the MaterialProperty:PhaseChange object should be input:


Hope this helps,


Mostapha & Chris, thank you so much for your helps!

Hi Mostapha and Chris,

I had a model that was running with version 1.6.0 until I plugged in my PCM code, and the model now returns the error: Solution exception:WindowsError

Hi @DD ,

The rest of the error message probably has some information about why that IDF string is not considered valid by EnergyPlus. You should also read the report in a case like that.

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Thanks, Chris. Really appreciate your prompt responses as always! I opened the report and resolved the error message by using this code: Heat Balance Algorithm input in HB Energy - #4 by xiaoyuling