Special Announcement

Wonderful Ladybug Tools Community!

It is with happiness and gratitude that I share with you the news that I will be transitioning to work full time on Ladybug Tools this upcoming October 5th! All of you have contributed in some way to making this change a reality, whether it was through your attendance of our workshops, your contributions to our patreon page, or simply your help in making this community thrive, which has in turn helped us successfully attract grants and funding sources.

With all of my working hours now devoted to our cause, I will be able to produce many more tutorial videos, be more active on our forum, continue to roll out stable releases of the legacy plugin, and develop the Ladybug Tools into their [+] forms!

I would also like to note that, with my transition, my office is seeking a new building scientist and you can see a full post of the position here. I can personally attest that Payette’s office is an excellent place for positively influencing design with building science. Having all design teams of the office under one roof and attending the same educational sessions on building physics has been a huge help in enabling workflows and feedback loops between design and environmental modeling that could have been challenging under different settings. Furthermore, the experience and knowledge of my colleagues in the building science group is an enormous learning resource and endless source of scientific dialog.

Lastly, we all owe a great deal of gratitude towards my superiors at Payette for their deep understanding of the value brought by building open source tools that are a part of a larger, industry-leading, peer-reviewed dialog. My time at Payette has undeniably helped shape many of the features that I have implemented in Ladybug Tools to date and nothing would make me happier than to know that someone from this community was continuing to lead and learn in my absence.

And with this, I want to thank you again for all of your support in making this a reality.

I look forward to our bright future where environmental design knowledge is accessible to every person, project, and design process!


Great news for this community @chris!!
We are the ones that are happy and greatful.
Looking forward for the great stuff coming up.
Thanks for all your great work.

@chris I am happy to hear that now you are now working full time on Ladybug Tool. All the best! I look forward to seeing your next accomplishment the near future.

Great news! Looking forward to further development of this wonderful tool!

Great News! Looking forward to some wonderful advancements

FĂ©licitation Chris !!!

Yippee! Ad fingers crossed there’s a good range clients, grants and donors to help.

Great news ! Thanks for all your work.

Thanks for all your work.And I am looking forward to the new advancements.

Greetings on transitioning to work full time on Ladybug Tools from October 5th.

Hope you’re having great time there

Great news!! Keep up.