SplitBuildingMass not able to split a simple box into zones for more than 1 floor - Part 2

Dear All
It is my first topic. and I wish somebody can answer my question.
I am reffering to @ElzineBraasch previous post. I tried to use the latest component SplitBuildingMass2Floors. however it does not work?

There are two error messages. The message says

  1. One of the masses is causing a problem. Check the output for the mass that causes the problem. You should consider breaking up this mass into smaller pieces.
  2. Solution exception:too many values to unpack

I can see there are similar topics about the component. Please let me know how I could divide the simple shoe box model into small zones.



I noticed that indeed the component fails in Rhino7. Just checked in R6 and it works fine.
So this is another component that is not compatible.
I think it is important to fix it since is an essential part of the modeling for those using HB Legacy, including myself.
@chris, any insights?
@wim, maybe this needs to be addressed on Rhino’s side?


Hey @AbrahamYezioro, looks like this issue with Rhino7 & Split2Floor component has been solved with a custom component. Look at this link [Modified component SplitBuildingMass2Floors, to split complex buildings].
also @chris, what are your thoughts?

Thanks @maheshjayayachander,
It works indeed. Though i don’t like that it works on an old and customized component instead of the native HB one.
The good news is, i suppose, that it is fixable. The bad news … if it will be fixed.
Something for @chris to consider.

I would take a look at it… but I don’t have R7 yet. I should just bite the bullet and upgrade.

Thanks @SaeranVasanthakumar!
You can try the 90 days free … before any bullet, :slight_smile:-A.

@AbrahamYezioro good idea! I just pushed this PR with a fix.

And if @miraclema is still on the forums, your modified component looks useful. If you are interested in contributing I suggest reading up on LB’s contributing guidelines, and submitting code to github. It’s hard to evaluate code changes on the forums (just keep in mind legacy components are being phased out…).

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Thanks @saeran!!
Still waiting for the push to be approved, but didn’t want to wait to thank you.