Storage values - why so high?

Hi, I’m wondering if this results are (or can be) fair for building located in tropical climate?
Storage values are quite high for summer periods …

There is an annotation at storage - in energy balance:

@dsat would be better if you could share your script to review

Thanks, will send soon

Here is a simplified script. I will be grateful for any feedback.

Balance to (713.4 KB)

You are using a detailed HVAC system in the file that you uploaded:

So the cooling/heating in your energy balance are not the energy that is added/removed from the zone. Instead, it’s electricity and fuel used by the HVAC system. Long tory short - if you are trying to construct an energy balance, you should always use an ideal air system. Not a detailed HVAC.

Thank you, Chris, I have already figured this out. Another issue is that the model and cooling energy results seem fair for only one glazing surface. If I add even a minor glazing surface on the other wall the cooling energy consumption increase two-fold, which is confusing. Any guides on how to fix the model?

Ok, I found the problem, which seems to be a natural ventilation forced by windows openings. I need to improve the logic of the windows openings