Terrain Variation for DF model to use UWG

Dear Ladybug Community,
I am trying to create the terrain for my urban model, my terrain is composed of soil, pavement, water, and so on (meaning different types). As can be seen from the map, I am attaching below:

I did some research and found out water bodies cannot be represented on dragonfly models is that true, or is there any update, so they can be included in dragonfly and further on in UWG simulations?
Moreover, I saw the example from youtube:https://discourse.ladybug.tools/t/how-to-modify-individual-ep-materials-and-apply-them-correctly/168 where the terrain is a whole surface, I assume in that case it also has same properties as material, albedo and so on. What about in my case having different types of terrains? Should I model them one by one? Will it recognize all of those surfaces (supposing my terrains) as site and give me an appropriate façade to site ratio?
Is there any example or solution when the urban model is bigger and there is a variation in terrain? Should I model each terrain with the DF terrain command?

Thank you in advance !

That is correct. The UWG simply models an average urban street canyon from the input conditions. It does not model water bodies or multiple street canyons.