The result file does not exist

Hi everyone, I’ve been a while haven’t opened the HB old file and now it won’t work anymore!
the only hint shows 1. The result file does not exist. But it’s weird, the file used to be available on simulation. Wondering how to fix it? Thanks!
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It works with me. My might need to reconnect the result file again - disconnect and connect.Thanks

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This happened to me too. Is there a more persistent bug?

@bussey.philip ,

I would say that 99.99% of time you get this message, it’s not a bug but just an indication that the simulation was not set up correctly or did not run correctly. Check the readme! output of the simulation component and that will give you a list of warnings, some of which might explain why the simulation didn’t run as expected.

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Hello! I had the same issue and I solved it just removing and reinstalling OpenStudio.
In my case, It happened because, although the analysis ran correctly, Open Studio did not export the “in.csv” folder.

I had the same problem and for some reason when i disconnected the ¨WorkingDir¨ Panel, it works.
However, that was with EnergyPLus simulation component (next to OpenStudio) (Open Studio doesn´t run the simulation well for some reason)
If the simulation´s problem with OpenStudio continues, and the simulation is for indoor Microclimate Comfort for example, you can try with EnergyPlus component instead, the work flow is just the same.
Sorry for my english.

Hello, I’m having the same issue, in.csv file does not exist.
Tried reinstalling Openstudio, still no success.
I’m trying to do ZoneEnergyUse simulation; and looking for the heating, cooling, electric light, electric equip data.
I’m running Ladybug 0.0.69, Honeybee 0.0.66 and Openstudio 3.1.0.
Any suggestions?
PS - the “out” output show following warnings

Any suggestion regarding the following error would be helpful.
I’m running Ladybug 0.0.69, Honeybee 0.0.66 and Openstudio 3.1.0 (tried 3.2.1 as well)

I realized the in.csv is not being generated in the following folder -

Attached gh (481.2 KB)

@Harsh , I looked into the .gh definition.
As @chris mentioned, there is no bug of any sort I could find. There were a bunch of issues with your model. I clearly don’t know how to explain each modeling issue done.
The first thing I could find (might be silly) is that you hadn’t loaded the Honeybee Fly component which is essential to start modeling in the first place with Legacy versions.
The simulation is running fine now. (866.1 KB)

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Hello @maheshjayayachander,
Thank you for looking into the definition.
That is definitely silly.
However, its still giving me the same error after i connect the epw file in the definition you have shared.
Could this be installation issues?

Alright alright!!
It works now.
The issue was Openstudio version 3.1.0 and 3.2.1.
Then I came across Chris’ message in some thread about Openstudio 2.9.1 and it works!!


Hey maybe this was just my dumb mistake, but I could not figure this out for ages until I realized I hadn’t selected any inputs on the Honeybee Generate EP Output Component.


I have the same problem. I am not using openstudio but with the RunEnergySimulation component I get the message that there is no result file. I cannot understand what happens. I disconnected the working directory that I had, but there is still an error. Please help me if you have an idea :slight_smile: Thanks a LOT!!