The value of therm simulation result

I am a beginner of honeybee and grasshopper.When i finish therm simulation by honeybee,i got the U-factor,it’s ok,just like the therm software.I just want to ask could we get the data of everypoint we want?such as

in this case,can we get the temperture or heat flux of this red line?I don’t have any idea about that.

Hi @kira, Do you mean the isotherm results that you see in the actual THERM software? If so, you can use ladybug_contour Mesh to get that similar result. It will create a contours for each temperature change and display it, however with this study the isotherms may be too close together. If you want the actual data points, you should be able to pull them from the read result file and have a list of every mesh point that was tested. If you load a file we can help a bit better.

@emmanuelgee hi,thanks for your kind answer,i use the way you say,use ladybug_contour Mesh,its worked,i got the isotherms.Really thank you,and i have another question about the isotherms.In therm

we have the value of edge,but in honeybee there seems not like that .And i still don’t understand how to get the data on the red line.I will upload my file,and really thank you.Best wishes!geo.3dm (70.0 KB) (538.6 KB)

So, a couple of things. If you are talking about the heat loss through the assembly, You should check out Ed May’s post in the link below. He goes through Psi values and everything else.

If you want the surface temperatures of each edge, you specified them in your boundaries. Inside are is typically set around 22C and outside should be based on your EPW file for that location.

I will look at your files later. Hope this helps

ok,thank you a lot, i will check the link you post.:grinning: