Thermal Comfort Questions in LBT

@chris Is there a way to see results from specific times for the % of the time comfortable? I was able to do it for Legacy, but in newer version 1.4.0 it seems that it only runds from 0 - 23 hrs. I want to run it for only business hours (eg. 7am - 6 pm) so it gives me the percentage of time comfortable for just those times.

The LB Comfort Statistics component can tell you the % of time hot/cold/comfortable for any of the “Comfort Calculator” components. There are many more properties of these comfort objects that you can access with the Ladybug Tools SDK and a line or two of GHPython.

If you want to observe just a slice of time (between certain hours or months) then create an Analysis Period and use the LB Apply Analysis Period component to get input data collections for just the date/times that you care about.