Thermal Loads inside Open Studio and Energy Plus Results

Hi Everyone,

In the Open Studio result *.HTML, I get a big difference between the load calculations and the system size. Almost double. I need to clarify that the model doesn’t have any ventilation/economizer or infiltration rates ( For testing proposes).

Also, the load is specified as hardcoded. I would like to understand better the source of this number and how it gets calculated.

Could it be that it is combining the heating and cooling load?


results (9) (1).html (310.6 KB)

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Hey @casasola8877 ,

I am sure that there is a reason for this but it probably lies within the openstudio-standards gem that we are using to assign the detailed HVAC systems. So this might be more of a question for unmethours, where some of the OpenStudio standards developers hang out:

What is the specific HVAC system template that you are trying to apply in this case?

Actually, if this AirLoop:HVAC is for a DOAS system, then I think I know the answer. The DOAS is only being sized to provide ventilation air and so its capacity is set according to the sensible and latent demands of the ventilation air. NOT the sensible cooling load that is being computed for the first screenshot. Does that describe what is going on for your case?