Two type equipment load

I wonder how can I define two electrical equipment loads. for example, a receptacle and another one based on the multifamily calculator in the Honeybee, I can do it easily in Openstudio, have two equipment load for a zone but I don’t know how can I do it in Honeybee. Would be thankful if anyone help me. I think something like the equipment group in Ironbug I need here.

I want to have two electric equipment for a zone as I can do it in OpenStudio.

@chris do you have any idea for this?

Hi @ehsan.anvary ,

We don’t use multiple electrical equipment definitions in honeybee-schema primarily because it means that we would need to check lots of different places in order to understand the overall equipment density assigned to each Room. In the past when I had to QA/QC OSMs or IDFs with hundreds of Rooms and multiple equipment definitions to check per room, it was almost impossible to know what the actual equipment load was.

If you want to use an object in Honeybee that lets you break things down into separate load specifications, you can use the HB Process Load component to assign as many separate load objects to your Rooms as you want. Each process load can get its own name, it’s own fuel type, and/or its own End-Use Subcategory (so they will show up in the EUI as a separate term). If you ask me, this is the correct way to handle these types of arbitrary loads that you want to break out from the generalized “equipment power density”. This way, you actually stand a chance of QA/QC’ing them correctly on large models.

Of course, if you badly need an extra Electric Equipment like your screenshot of the OpenStudio Application, you can always write a measure to add these into your OSM if you want. Or you can postprocess the OSMs that you export from Honeybee using the OpenStudio SDK inside a GHPython component like you see here.

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@chris Thank you for your explanation. I should try these approaches.

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